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Full lead crystal glass- transparent

Products made from full lead crystal. You can find in our offer glasses, bowls, vases ect.

Full lead crystal glass- transparent There are no products in this category.


  • Whisky glasses

    Whisky glasses are beautiful gifts from Czech Republic (Bohemia) to your friends or your family. People very often buy this products with decanter which you can find in detail of each glass under the product in section related products. This is very traditional gift from Bohemia.

  • Flutes

    Glasses for chapmagne (flutes) very often buys people who wants to have gift from Czech Republic (Bohemia). If you buy from related products you can have very nice set of glasses and decanters with same modern design.

  • Decanters

    Decanters for alcohol with modern design are very nice decoration for your home. It is original Czech product (Bohemian product). You can buy Czech glass as a gift from Czech Republic. You can choose glasses which fits to design of each decanter in detail of each decanter in section related products.

  • Wine glasses

    In this section you can choose from glasses for red wine and white wine. Glasses are made from full lead crystal. Glasses looks very luxury. You can choose from 2 or 6 pcs of these glasses.

  • Long drink
  • Vases

    Vases made from full lead crystal are beautiful and tasteful decoration of your house and the design of vases will make you amazed.

  • Candlesticks

    Chandeliers made from full lead crystal are tasteful decoration of your house.

  • Ashtrays

    Ashtrays made from full lead crystals are tasteful decoration of you house.

  • Bowls
  • Plates

    Glass plates made by Czech company Bohemia Jihlava from full lead crystal